About Us

At Provision Pharmacy, we believe in genuine and lasting relationships with customers. This is the foundation of customer loyalty and we hope to maintain that loyalty for as long as we are in business.

We are proud to serve the customers and healthcare professionals of Freehold, New Jersey and its neighboring communities.

You are the reason why our pharmacy is successful! Our core values and practices revolve around meeting the following goals in our mission statement:

Our Mission Statement

  • To maintain your best health by working together with you and your doctor
  • To treat every customer with dignity and respect
  • To exercise effective communication
  • To exhibit moral principle and responsibility in preserving your health

Provision Pharmacy will work honestly and ethically with patients and healthcare professionals. Your doctor, your home care provider or your family – we work with everyone who is involved in your health management. This is the very definition of UNITY – working as one to achieve one goal…and that goal is to ensure that you can get access to affordable and high quality medications to treat your medical needs and preserve your health.

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